Friday, June 17, 2005

Some fun this evening

First, I want to announce my abandonment of the first person plural. It's become obnoxious, derivative, and difficult to maintain. I may be adjusting previous blogs at some point in an Orwellian attempt to change history. While a couple of my favorite blogs are written that way, it's simply not my style.

The Future of Pharmaceutical Marketing?

An advert for this product appeared one recent Sunday morning in my paper, and I almost choked on my Hazelnut decaf.

I had fun calling a friend who works for McNeil Consumer Products, and he confirmed that the company is sliding down a steep cliff of intellectual bankruptcy. This is the company that brought us Tylenol ER, which was a coat-core Tylenol that lasted eight hours. It didn't sell, but their market research told them that anything with the word "Arthritis" in it would. So the same product was relaunched as "Tylenol Arthritis." The results were spectacular.

With flavored medication as inspiration, I had a few new ideas of my own. I wonder if they might take hold?

The Zoloft Happy Meal!

Some Ambien in your decaffeinated soda?

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