Sunday, March 11, 2007

Not much. What's new with you?

Legions of readers have been asking, so PB, what's been going on with you?

Well, we're happy to say we've conned ever more people into thinking we're doing a good job at work, and we're looking at a promotion within the next few months. There's cutbacks in other parts of the company, so that means that additional justifications have to be made for promotions, new hiring, etc. Really, that means that delays are built into the process, so we don't look so callous to managers who have to let people go. The company can say with some plausible deniability that they are not blatantly ignoring the company's bottom line by promoting PB when others elsewhere are being shown the door.

So, why are some people out the door? Over capacity created by incorrect forecasts, which were made incorrect by some high-profile late stage trial failures. Big ones. A shame - those were the products that actually made us proud to be in this business. They were innovative science, new approaches to unmet needs, etc. They just didn't work, was all. Details, details....

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Joshua Daly said...

Good to see you back up and running. Been missing you for the last couple months.