Sunday, July 20, 2008

Baseball liner notes

Pharmablogger has noticed a trend toward feminization in sports, and a corresponding complementary trend in the opposite direction. We loved watching our daughter play softball this Spring, we note how baseball teams have worked hard to make ballgames more "family friendly," and we look forward to watching Ryan Howard leading cheers from the bench someday:

"We don't play with Barbie dolls, we just play with bats and balls.
We don't wear no miniskirts, we just wear pants and t-shirts."

We approve, since we would like to see our daughter win an athletic scholarship some day, and be capable of stuffing a field hockey stick up the rectum of any over aggressive suitor should the need arise.

And while PB once purchased a T-shirt at a breast cancer fundraiser that reads "Save Second Base," we must confess that the first time we saw those pink Phillies caps, we thought it must be Carlotta Tendant bobblehead night.

Anyway, we pause here to note some interesting (and dare we speculate, revealing?) quotes in the Inky last Friday. Mike Arbuckle, the Phils general manager, was discussing their latest trade for pitcher Joe Blanton, when he made this point about Blanton's appearance: "We feel his make-up is going to allow him to fit very well in a pennant race. He was attractive for a lot of reasons." I guess this move by the Phillies is just cosmetic.

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