Thursday, July 15, 2010

McNeil From the Ground Up - EXCLUSIVE

Not yet released to the media (I don't think):
Johnson & Johnson announced internally that they are closing their Ft Washington, PA McNeil Consumer division plant until well into 2011, and laying off at least 75% of the operations staff there. This includes manufacturing, packaging, QA, planning and other staff. There are non-operations personnel there who are not affected. This site was where the recalled children's liquid products were produced.

The layoffs are considered permanent, but when they re-open the plant in 2011, they will consider re-hiring laid-off staff. The re-hiring will be on a much smaller scale however, as they introduce much more automation into their processes. They will also likely hire people as contractors, to avoid paying them benefits, according to Pharmablogger's unimpeachable sources.

The plant is being rebuilt from the ground up, literally. The new floor will be poured soon, for example. The effort is to make the plant "pharmaceutical grade" (what was it before?). Meanwhile, the FDA continues its proctology examination of the company, with a J&J Toronto plant in its sites.

Laid off workers will have an option for severance of 2 weeks for every year of service. It was a tough day in Ft Washington today, we hear. Coasting on your reputation for too long will only earn you hubris and disaster.

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