Sunday, March 02, 2008

Campaign fun!

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the race for pharma campaign bucks has now tilted overall to the Democrats. Hillary Clinton leads all comers with $408,000 in contributions, but you won't hear Barack Obama complain too much about that, because he's only about $8000 behind her. John McCain remains as the one candidate who can spout off all he wants about Big Pharma, having collected only $112,000 or so up til now. And spout off he does. Read into the Inky article to get to some of his choicier quotes from the campaign trail. He's up to speed about the Medicaid lawsuits that just returned the first verdict against a pharma company in Alabama and he's no fan of Medicaid Part D, either. He clearly indicates that he wants to introduce more price competition into that program.

Billy Tauzin is quoted, acknowledging the "sea change" in contribution patterns toward the demos, but he doesn't sound phazed by McCain's comments.

Wanna have some fun? Navigate to this page at the Federal Election Commission and type in your company name in the search field. Let's find out if Frank down the hall has made a contribution to anyone! I don't know about you, but my company is always trying to get people to contribute to the company PAC, including inducements like making a contribution to a charity of your choice. It's guaranteed to be voluntary with no retribution, but they've never guaranteed anonymity, because they can't. Give to the company PAC, and your name will appear on this publicly accessible website, same as if you gave to a candidate directly.

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Anonymous said...

Wow -- I don't know if I really want the power to know how my coworkers swing, politically-speaking.